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Mica Band Heaters, Mica Insulated Band Heaters and European Band Heaters Technology for Plastics Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Molding Equipment and many other Commercial and Industrial Applications


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 Configurations, Styles Terminations-Mica Band Heaters
 Construction-Mica Insulated Band Heaters
Custom Mica insulated Band Heaters
Mica Insulated Band heaters with Seperate Strap Two piece mica band heater Mica insulate band heaters
Mica Band Heaters-Style 1                  Mica Band Heaters-Style 2                    Mica Heater Bands-Style 3 

Custom Mica Heaters Mueller Head-Custom European Die Heaters Rectangular band heater mica, extrusion die heater
Extrusion Mica Heaters-Style 4             Muller Head Heaters-Style 5              Extrusion Heaters-Style 6

European Mica Band Heater with Threaded Thermocouple Bracket Cone Shaped Custom Mica Band Heater mica band heater-three prong/flat pin European plug
European Band Heaters-Style 7             Custom Cone Mica Heaters-Style 8                 Metric Mica Heaters -Style 9

Custom European Mica Heater with Holes and Cut-outs Reverse mica band heaters Partial Coverage mica band heaters metric
Custom Band Heaters-Style 10            Reverse Band Heaters-Style 11            Partial Coverage Band Heaters-Style 12

Nozzle band heaters-S.Steel overbraid nozzle styleleads Shim lock-up/closure mica band heater Flange lock-up/closure nozzle band mica heaters
 Nozzle Band Heaters-Style 13             Shim/Key Nozzle Heaters-Style 14          Nozzle Heater Bands-Style 15

 Mica Band Heaters with bent up flange and Post Terminals Metric Band Heaters with F/G leads & Armoured Cable Mica Heater Band with Stainless Steel Overbraid Leads
Flanged Band Heaters-Style 16          S.Steel Armor Band Heaters-Style 17            S.Steel Overbraid Bands-Style 18

Metric Heater Bands with Terminal Box Mica band heater with ceramic terminal covers Expandable Metric Heater Bands with Hinge 
Terminal Box Band Heaters-Style 19    Ceramic Terminals Band Heaters-Style 20          Hinged Mica Heaters- Style 21

Extrusion Band Heaters-CSA                                                                                      Reverse Band Heaters-UL

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