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Mica Band Heaters, Mica Insulated Heaters and European Band Heaters Technology for Plastics Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Molding Equipment and many other Commercial and Industrial Applications


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   Configurations - Styles & Terminations, European, Metric & Imperial Mica Insulated Band Heaters, Custom Band Heaters


Mica Band Heater-with Bent-Up Flange        Mica Band Heaters with Ceramic Terminal Covers

Mica Band Heater-with Bent-Up Flange                                  Mica Heaters-with Ceramic Terminals and Covers

Mica Heater Bands with Built in Strap        Mtric Band Heaters-with Fiberglass Leads

Mica Heater with Post Terminals & Barrel Nuts                                Mica Band Heater with Strain Relief & F/G Leads

Metric Mica Band Heaters with Armored Cable for Abrasion Protection          Mica Insulated Band Heater with Stainless Steel Overbraid Leads

Mica Band Heaters with Armored Leads                               Metric Heaters with S.Steel Overbraid Leads

European Mica Band Heaters-Expandable Hinged Construction          Mica Heaters with Independebt Strap and Post Terminals

Expandable Hinged Construction Metric Band Heaters           Mica Heater with Independent Strap and Barrel Nuts    

Custom Mica Band Heaters with Holes and Cut-Outs European Mica Band Heaters with Straight and 90 Degree Orientation

Custom Mica Heaters with Holes & Cut-Outs                                Mica Heaters with Straight and 90° European Plugs

Metric Band Heaters with European 3 pin Flat Blade Plug         Mica Heaters with Thermocouple Bracket metric & Imperial Threads        

Mica Heaters with 3 Pin Flat Blade European Plug          Mica Heaters with Thermocouple Bracket-Metric & Imperial

Mica Band Heater with Terminal Box          Mica Heater-2 Pc. Construction with Post Terminals & Barrel Nuts

Mica Band with Terminal Box & Barrel Nuts                               Two Pc. Construction Mica Heaters with Barrel Nuts


Heaters with Post Terminal on Each Side of Gap                     Post Terminals Around Circumfrance, Next to Gap

Mica Heater with Nozzle Style  F/G Leads          Mica Heaters with Nozzle Style S.Steel Overbraid Leads

Nozzle Style Band Heaters with F/G Leads                              Nozzle Style Heaters with S.Steel Overbraid Leads

Nozzle Style Mica Heaters with Stainless Steel Overbraid Leads Exiting from Edge              Nozzle Heater with Shim or Key Lock-Up              

Nozzle Heater with S.S. Leads exiting from Edge                    Nozzle Heater, Shim or Key Closure & S.Steel Leads

U Shaped Mica Die Heater-Extrusion & Blow Molding         Mueler Head, Blow Molding Die, Mica insulated Heater

 U Shaped Die Heater European Plug                                  Muller Head Heaters, T/C Bracket-Blow Molding

Custom Cone Shaped Mica Ban Heaters Extrusion Die Mica Band Heaters-Rectangular-2 Pc. Construction

 Custom Cone Shape Mica Heater S.Steel Leads               Rectangular Mica Heater-Extrusion Dies

Custom Partial Coverage Mica Band Heaters, Independant Straps & S.Steel overbraid Leads Exiting from Edge of Heater         Reverse Custom Mica Band Heater, Tab,Bolt & Nut Closure

 Partial Coverage(s) Custom Mica Heater                                   Reverse Band Heater, S.Steel Leads

Nozzle Band Heater with Independent Strap, S.S. Leads Barrel Nuts             Nozzle Band Heater

 Nozzle Band Heater, F/G Leads                                                  Nozzle Heater, F/G Leads, Barrel Nuts


Nozzel Heater Band,S.Steel Overbraid Leads, Barrel Nuts         Mica Band Heater, Flange Lock-up, S.Steel Armor Leads

 Nozzle Style Band heater, S.Steel Braided Leads                     Mica Heater, Flange Closure, S. Steel Armor


 Band Heater Constructed with Tubular Elements

Band Heater with Stainless Steel Shell-Constructed with Tubular Elements