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Three-Phase – On very high wattage band heaters, it would be advantageous to set up the wiring three-phase to reduce the current load across a single conductor. Three-Phase wiring is available with all types of insulation, construction styles, and clamping variations.

Limitations - Minimum width: 3” (76.2 mm)

Dual Voltage – Ceramic Band Heaters can be designed using 3-wire series/parallel circuits for dual voltage applications. Whether the heater is run on the high or low voltage, the voltage will be the same. Dual Voltage wiring is available with all types of insulation, construction styles, or clamping variations.


Minimum width: 2” (50.8 mm)

Dual Phase – Ceramic Band Heaters can be designed with multiple circuits to operate in single or three-phase circuits.

Lead Variations

Electrical Plugs – Industry standard NEMA twist lock electrical connectors are available. The plugs can be attached to fiberglass leads, armor cable or wire braid. Electrical Plugs can be added to any termination variation.

Terminal Lugs – Various types of crimp terminals can be attached to the heater leads to make wiring into applications quick and easy. High temperature [1200°F (650°C)] ring terminals and nylon or PVC insulated terminals are available. Spade, ring, and right-angle or straight quick disconnect type terminals can be attached to the leads.

High Temperature Lead Wire – When required, high temperature lead wire can be used. The wire is insulated with mica types over the stranded nickel conductors and then treated fiberglass overbraid. Maximum temperature: 450°C (842°F)

Ground Terminal or Lead – For those applications requiring a separate ground terminal or lead attached to the heater sheath. A Ground Terminal or Lead is available on any construction or termination variation.

Other Variations

Oversize Gap – The Nominal gap is 3/8”. If larger gap is required for probes or thermocouples, specify when ordering
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